What is a Word for a Downhill?

A downward slope or direction is indicated by the phrase "downhill." It can also be used to describe something that is failing. He believed that his best times were over and that everything after that would be bad. Although related words have a similar meaning, they are not exact synonyms. They can assist you in selecting the appropriate term for the situation.

Reverse slope

When something or someone is going downhill, it means they are down a slope or on an inclined plane. Another way to characterize a scenario that is getting worse or less successful is "downhill." After making such insensitive comments, her career has been declining. We could see the river in front of us and the run was downward. In alpine skiing, the downhill race is the fastest discipline. It has a set time.


The reverse of an incline is a descent, which is a downward slope. It may also allude to a decline in caliber. Since he stopped exercising, his health has been deteriorating. Her career has been declining for several years. The act of respectfully declining anything, whether an invitation or a request, is known as declining. It can also indicate to worsen or deteriorate, as in the case of Don's offensive statements. A race on a steep, declining route is referred to as a downhill in skiing and associated sports. It can also be applied to characterize a circumstance that is deteriorating or going south: Since the incident, their relationship has deteriorated. Prices are declining as the market declines. From here, it's all downhill. Collins English Thesaurus and Dictionary 2010 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved. All rights reserved.


Any form of descending slope is called a declivity. It is the reverse of an acclivity, which is a slope that rises. The Latin words de, which means "down," and clivus, which means slope, are the source of the name. In a skiing timed downhill race, contestants use their skis to quickly and precisely descend the course. If skiers aren't careful, the sport could be hazardous. These sample sentences were chosen automatically from a variety of internet news sources to represent how the word "declivity" is being used today. The opinions stated in the examples don't necessarily reflect those of Collins English Dictionary or its license holders.


A descent is a downward motion, such as when something or someone descends a slope. It's also acceptable to discuss about someone's plunge into problems, like their wild decline into drunkenness or their plummet into destitution. These sample sentences may not accurately reflect the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors since they were chosen automatically from a variety of internet sources. Provide us with comments. Select a collocation to view other instances. These examples demonstrate the usage of the word descent in contemporary discourse and were gathered programmatically from a variety of web sources.